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Side Job Trader-FAQ

I saw an advertisement for this web site, but noticed there are only a few advertisers. Is this a new web site?

Yes. We are excited to offer a site dedicated to Tradespeople offering small side jobs!

Is it possible that the same person advertises in more than one trade?

Yes. Many of the tradespeople you find on Side Job Trader have a significant range of skills, and may be more likely to perform more than one trade.

I can perform my trade in both residential and commercial. Can I place ads in both categories?

Yes. A business in need of services will tend to search in Business / Commercial and a homeowner will tend to search in Residential. We encourage you to place ads in the main categories and subcategories your services pertain to. This way, you get more exposure.

I placed my ad in the wrong category and I cannot move it!

No problem. Just send us an email and tell us where you want your advertisement to be moved.



Do not forget to check the email in your Junk Email folder on a regular basis. Your email filter service may catch legitimate messages from Side Job Trader or someone responding to your ad and place it into your Junk Folder.

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